» » Has anyone ever felt wrong in college while in college? And how to react?

Has anyone ever felt wrong in college while in college? And how to react?

I am never wrong Department when the College. My choice of that time was Department of Geodetic Engineering ITB (but after graduation I have thrown my boss to the field of civil engineering and other technical). But during my college days, there are two people I know who moved the majors to the Engineering Geodesy problems because of the field of study. The one he relocated from Physics class friends ITB and another transfer of electrical engineering years earlier and became a lecturer of my thesis supervisor.

I don't know the development of the friends that came from the Department of physics. I know this is my supervisor, Professor. That time he completed doctoral coursework and I became one of the first students who got the guidance of thesis. When I read the life of him, he wrote that he was moved from the Department of electrical engineering because of the no field of study.

I say WOW. Down ' degrees ' of my most favourite majors to the unpopular majors? Want to ' lose ' a year after interest? For The Sake Of Interest?But after reading a list of accomplishments that he ever achieves that time, before and after moving the Department, I have no doubt he is a genius and we are very fortunate majors have great people like him. At that time he just finished completing a dissertation entitled "Computational and Geometrical Aspects of on-the-Fly Ambiguity Resolution " on GPS, he discovered the technique of computational determination of ambiguity so as to allow determination of position with GPS are meticulously on the fly that never thought by engineers GPS makers themselves. .